Diana had iterated through a few business ideas, and had found a great one that worked for her.

Her existing domain no longer fit her business.

We worked together and implemented some ideas that resulted in:

  • Increased name recognition in a crowded marketplace. Diana was building a name for herself, and not leveraging that on her website.
  • The ability to use her name domain for her emails.
  • A secure website, which ensures that Google ranks her site higher than it would have done if it were insecure, granting the site a Green Padlock in Chrome.

This is what she had to say about the experience, video follows and text testimonial is after it:

What was it like working with me?

Working with Jonathan was far beyond I ever could have expected.  I needed to move my domain name over to a new one, ensure all the backend stuff went through properly (DNS, hosts, etc).  I could have done it myself but really, right now it’s an issue of time.  I would have had to learn how to do everything, then try and do it, and then either high-five myself or want to bang my head against my desk if it didn’t.

The process of getting help was super easy as well.  I simply messaged him and described what I wanted and thought I needed (probably not with the right techno-speech, but he totally understood.  From there he wrote up a detailed proposal that showed me every step of the project, how it would be done, who would do it (there were a couple things for me to do as well) and it was fantastic; so professional and with a lot of attention to detail.

I also liked that he got all the info, login details and permissions at the beginning so that he never was stuck waiting for me to get him information.

I also love how flexible he was.  He did a proposal which included redirecting my old domains but in the end I didn’t need that.  So he eliminated it from the project and replaced it with hooking me up with Google Analytics.  Something that I knew I needed but never got around to setting up.

Which outcome did you like best that came from working with me, and why?

I loved so many things about working with you, I can’t just choose one.

  1. You were super approachable and never made me feel stupid for not knowing something.

  2. You were open to explaining small things, which makes me feel like I’m actually learning how to do some of these things myself for down the line.

  3. I trust you 100%.  You still have access to my website which has been amazing.  I had a random question and you were able to jump right in and fix it for me…right in that moment.  I wouldn’t let just anyone have access to my website.

  4. I feel safe and taken care of.  The tech side of running an online business is daunting and sure I can slap something up, but what small things am I missing that could make my site run faster, get ranked on Google or keep it safe.  Working with Jonathan eliminates all of those fears.

Had you previously tried to solve the issue yourself? What happened?

This is the first time I have hired someone to help me with IT.  In the past I would do it myself.  I’m reasonably tech savvy and enjoy most of this kind of thing (creating pages, designing etc) but some of the work is just too technical.  CSS for example is gibberish to me and it’s frustrating when I can’t get my page just the way I want it.  Seriously…Jonathan is a website master!

What would you say to someone considering working with me on a similar task?

I would say, “Dude…Jonathan is a f*cking rockstar and you better get on his radar before everyone else does.  Not only does he know an incredible amount about websites and IT, he’s a lovely person.  I really feel like I’m talking to a good friend when I reach out for help.  He makes having tech issues less scary and not the end of the world.  If you need help with something or you simply don’t want to do this kind of work yourself.  Jonathan is your man.”

Was there anything specific about the work that we did together that stuck in your mind, and why?

I’m just so impressed at how quickly you did everything.  Whenever something wasn’t working or I had a question…you had an answer or a solution for me.  Outstanding.

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