Not sure where to start with your website?

Don’t let the Internet confuse you.

There are a few basic things you should cover while setting up your website.

There are also aspects of your website’s infrastructure to consider that will make working with it much easier.

Let me show you what they are.

See the Solopreneur’s Website Checklist

So who am I?

And why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Jonathan Ballinger, a veteran with more than two decades in the industry.

I’ve created more websites than I can remember, and helped almost as many people bring their website ideas to fruition. I’m profoundly deaf, so I also have a lifetime of experience at paying close attention (this really helps when working with individuals to bring a vision to life).

I work with ambitious solopreneurs who recognise that, while you may be flying solo (and loving the journey!), asking for help is often a really smart thing to do.

If this is you, stick around. It’s my intention to help you smooth out any rough bits related to your website.

That’s great, but…

Can’t you just do it for me?

Sure, I can, as Diana and Primoz found out.

Working with Jonathan was far beyond I ever could have expected.

You’ve done an incredible job and it’s been amazing working with you.

I offer a variety of packages that you can purchase. Think of it as if you’re hiring a tech guru to help you out when you get stuck. Your time will remain, until you use it. The time you have purchased won’t expire, and you won’t have to pay extra to keep it around.

Use my expertise when you need it, without needing to pay for it when you don’t.

Read on to see the packages you can choose from.

Your choice of support package.

See below for some examples of the way we can use the time to improve your site.

Most issues will be dealt with quickly. You’d be surprised how much we can get through in a short space of time.

All plans include Slack access for direct contact with me.

I'm pretty confident. I may need some help here and there.


Two hoursExamples of what can be done in this time:
  • Site review,
    health check, and implementation
  • Know what your audience is doing checkup
  • Installation of your choice of theme (£)
  • Mailing list installed (£)
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I've got a big project on the cards. I need someone I can trust on hand, to ask questions of and work with to deliver my vision.


Fifteen Hours (33% discount)Examples of what can be done in this time:
  • Anything in the previous columns
  • Bespoke development
  • Best value ongoing support
  • Whatever development and configuration you need to get done on your site
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Items marked (£) may incur external costs, depending on choice.

Need something a bit more custom?

Get in touch, and we’ll discuss your needs.