How to create your brand style guide asset

How to create your brand style guide asset

I’ve been working on the prep for my second guide. At some point, I saw that I was inadvertently creating a brand style guide for my business.

I laid out the Google Doc to ensure it would be consistent with my previous guide, and with my website. I was creating something that was concrete, and would be an asset in the future.

It would also prevent me from having to figure it all out again for the next guide.

I thought the outcome might be useful for people.

Brand style guide screenshot

View the document, and then click File -> Make a copy… to get your own.

There are aspects that make it useful to you (and your employees or contractors):

  • Record the settings that differ from the document defaults as it gives you a handy reference to use in all formats.
  • The colours being in hex are ideal to use on your website. If you prefer HSL or RGB, record them in that format.
  • It’s easy to expand this out to a brand style guide for your entire business.

“But, Jonathan, I have the colour coordination of someone that wears black all the time!”

Dickson and Moe’s colour picker is the best I’ve seen in a long career.

Play around, find a main colour you like, then note down all the contrasts, and harmonies in the colour section at the bottom of the guide.

Now, if you hire someone, you have an asset that you can give them to work with when they create content.

You can just focus on creating remarkable content for your site, because you’ve figured out what you want to use for headings and so on already.

You now have a starting point that you can use to open branding exercise discussions in the future (when you become big).

Let me know how you’d modify this for your business.