I love creating new email campaigns.

It’s incredibly rewarding to take a bunch of customer research and turn it into emails that get you new customers who closely match your ideal avatar.

The growth that a business sees when they gain an influx of engaged customers (who want to be a part of your movement) is a joy to behold.

All of a sudden your business has the money to really pursue your ambitions.

It’s a wonderful thing, however such projects require a lot of energy and time from me, so I am choosy about the people I work with.

I truly believe that it’s a small world, so we’ll need to be connected on LinkedIn before I take on your project.

Ask one of our common connections for an introduction if we’re not already connected on LinkedIn.

Tell me about your project once we’re connected and, if it seems that we’ll be a good fit, I’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps.

I look forwards to learning more about your project.

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