Primoz organically grew his business over the years. As his business evolved, the original domain name became more and more disconnected with what he offered his students.

We worked together and implemented some ideas that resulted in:

  • Increased name recognition in a crowded marketplace. Primoz had built a name for himself, having released multiple courses over the years, and was not leveraging that on his website.
  • Preservation of the organic Google juice built up over a number of years.
  • A secure website, which ensures that Google ranks his site higher than it would have done if it were insecure, granting the site a Green Padlock in Chrome.
  • Primoz’s separate online courses website now has a URL that is more fit for purpose.

This is what Primoz had to say about the experience of working with me:

You’ve done an incredible job and it’s been amazing working with you. I’ll highly recommend you to all of my friends that ever ask for help with website stuff.

I might have already done it for a few.

And you bet you’ll be the person I go to next time I need some tech stuff.

I was really impressed with how well you handled this… from outlining the process, the checklist, the communication, the execution… everything. You’re really doing phenomenal work ?.

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