You and I will have a road-mapping session where we agree on what’s needed. 

We’ll strive to uncover those unknown requirements that we also need to meet during the course of this project.

Customer and audience research

I’ll review your customer research to determine the hopes, dreams, fears, and pain-points for your audience, along with sentences and words that they will respond to if used in the emails you send.

I will optionally interview a handful of your existing customers if you don’t have any customer research to hand. 

First draft review

I’ll use the brief, and the audience research to create a first draft of the email campaign. You’ll get an early chance to mould the final emails, and we’ll have a discussion about the first draft. 

This allows me to identify what you liked, and what you didn’t like about the campaign so far.

Second draft review and test

I’ll rework the draft based on our discussion and then get it back to you for a second review.

We’ll also test it with one or two of the customers we spoke to in the research phase of the process, and get their feedback on the email campaign so far.

Third draft review and test

I’ll add the final touches to the email campaign and polish it. 

We’ll review it and then we’ll test it with a different member of your audience. Any glaring issues will be resolved.

Email, and research delivered

The final email campaign will be be delivered to you along with the customer research that was carried out.

You’ll enter it into your email schedule and profit. 

The email campaign and research are yours to use as you wish.

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